Friday, 27 November 2015

Mega Drive "Mode 7" Kart Racer Demo

Inspired by the SNES's most well known and best loved racer, this Mega Drive kart racer work in progress demo looks fantastic. Although the Mega Drive/ Genesis had many strengths, it lacked the hardware sprite scaling capabilities of the SNES that were known as mode 7 graphics, meaning that Mario Kart like games were thought to be more or less impossible. Thanks to some clever coding though this demo proves that untrue, with a software scaling routine that looks almost as good as the SNES version.  Here's hoping that this gets developed into a full game. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Amstrad CPC Homebrew From CPC Retrodev

A little video I put together featuring two of my favorites from the CPC Retrodev Competition this month. Despite not placing high on the rankings I love these two games especially RUNCPC, which has to be one of the best homebrews I've played this year. More Vids of games from this compo if I get round to it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

CPC Retrodev Game Creation Contest Results

The second annual CPC Retrodev competition results are in and no less than  35 games have have been entered this year, a pretty impressive array for a system that's often somewhat overlooked. Organised by the University of Alicante (where else?) this seems to be a really popular event in the CPC calender and to top it off all the games will have a cassette release at some point, though only last years games seem to be available at the moment.  I haven't had change to play all the games yet, but so far RUNCPC is my favorite, despite placing so low down the list.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

More Commodore 16 Homebrew: Dork Dave And The Dirty Trick

After the Majesty of Sprites more majesty comes from the often overlooked ugly stepchild of the Commodore range, the Plus 4 in the form of Dork Dave. This new game is a somewhat Mario inspired platformer, that runs not only on the Plus 4, but the even more modest C16 model. It looks pretty neat and even features parallax scrolling!