Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sharp X1 - Obscure Systems Showcase

Another video I've made showing a few games for another often overlooked computer system, the Sharp X1. Japanese computer manufacturers liked to have a lot of strings to their bow, often releasing many incompatible systems with overlapping capabilities, and Sharp of course were no exception. They'd already had some success with their 8-bit MZ line, but the X1 series was more focused on gaming, graphics and multimedia rather than productivity. Less well known than NEC's offerings, but still relatively successful, a lot of good games were released on the X1.
The stand out titles here are probably Namco's arcade conversions and the tough but oddly original Brain Breaker. Ther's a very in depth article about Brain Breaker over at Hardcore Gaming 101, which is well worth a look and gives it a far better treatment than I could hope to.

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