Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Enterprise Demo: Genesis Project - First Contact

Another long forgotten platform that has been resurrected thanks to the demoscene, the Enterprise 128! According to the maybe not 100% accurate, but usually pretty good at this sort of thing, this is the first enterprise demo released since 1993! Coming in first in the oldskool compo at function this year, it's a very impressive demo to see on any 8-bit platform, especially one as under used as this. 
For those not familiar with the Enterprise, it was yet another British home computer released in the mid 80's and like so many of it's ilk that tried to compete with the ZX Spectrum/CPC/C64 etc, it didn't do so well. It seems to have been even less popular than the likes of the Dragon 32 and Jupiter Ace, languishing in almost as much obscurity as  the Camputers Lynx and Memotech MTX. For reasons that aren't entirely clear a lot of these machines ended up in Hungary where it seemed to have something of a following which gave birth to the aforementioned demos from the early 90s. 

This is a short vid I made a while ago showing off a few of the games available for the system, of which there is a surprising number, though many of them are direct ports of Speccy and CPC games.

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