Thursday, 31 March 2016

Undumpted Famicom Game - Magic Kid Googoo

You'd think by now that every commercial Famicom/Nes game out there would have been dumped as a rom file and made available online. Okay, there may be a few ultra rare unreleased prototypes or betas that aren't circulating (Nintendo no doubt have a few), but surely there can't be any commercial releases out there, right?

Apparently not, as this video of a previously unknown Korean game shows. Whilst it is unlicensed and seems never to have made it out of Korea, it actually looks pretty good and appears to be a fairly well made platformer. Why has it remained so obscure for all these years? No idea at the moment, hopefully more details will be revealed soon, but maybe more Famicom treasures are still out there.

As this game seems to be in the hands of some people associated with Hardcore Gaming 101, it's likely to be dumped soon and hopefully a rom file will me made available so we can all play it.

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