Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Flappy Bird on SEGA VMU and code injected into Super Mario World!

The Dreamcast still receives a lot of attention from homebrewers, with more than a few disc releases in recent years, and it seems like the VMU add-on is almost as popular as a target. It's no surprise then that Flappy bird would eventually end up on here, this game becoming almost as widely unofficially ported as Tetris. The game looks to play slightly differently to the original, but the rest of the elements are there and it's seeming no less irratating. 

Whilst I'm about it, here's yet another version of Flappy Bird, but this time with a bizarre twist. The SNES amy already have a version of Flappy Bird, but it's been created once again, this time in a very unusual way. 
Arbitrary code injection exploits, basically a glitch that allows the user to reprogram a game,  have been used in Super Mario World to do all sorts of interesting things for a while now. The Tasbot at AGDQ has got a lot of cool tricks to show off using this exploit and human players have used it to warp directly to the end credits, setting speed run world records in the process. 
This above video showcases something very interesting, a human going through the very laborious process of using a code injection glitch to not just warp to the end of the game, but essentially program a Flappy bird clone in real time. The video explains in all better than I could, so give it a watch.   

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